‘Think’ Yourself to a PB at Wilmslow Running Festival


“Success will be within your reach only when you start reaching out for it.” – Stephen Richards

It’s easy, isn’t it? You train, you put in the miles and you fine tune according to the event that you have entered… your next big challenge!

The weekend arrives and your body is prepared…Reflecting on the adage “10% ability and 90% attitude” suggests that there might be one big area overlooked.

While natural ability and a thorough training schedule is clearly a prerequisite, the difference between great and good… good and average is down to you in a far bigger way than you might have previously imagined.

Any training programme undertaken is to prepare your body for the rigors and demands that any event will entail. Your training conditions your body for the performance. You may have packed your bag the night before and picked your favourite outfit to wear… picked your lucky socks, some gels and a change of clothes…Nothing left to chance, or is there?

Wilmslow Running Festival

While we will always prepare our bodies, we far too often overlook how we prepare our minds (the 90%)… and as a consequence we waste the opportunities to be our very best. We have conditioned our bodies, our hearts and lungs, but have failed to condition our thinking. Conditioning draws on previous experiences hence the need to modify our training for specific events.

It is our mental conditioning that drives our beliefs (about any situation) which in turn create our attitude to situations that we face. Our attitude determines how we feel, our emotions …And it is from here that we generate behaviours and performance…. performance over the coming weekend!

So, we need to start with our conditioning…How we think about ourselves. Our minds are fed from our sub conscious which purely retains all manner of previous experiences…But the key is that it does not differentiate between fact and fiction, only experiences. When we allow ourselves to be effected by a negative chain of events, the sub conscious will retain without question for the next time a similar situation occurs… a bad run or a poor training performance.

Fact or fiction, the subconscious does not differentiate… but we can change the way we think!  We can condition our thinking. The more we stop listening to negative stimuli but replace with positive words and thinking, the more our conditioning will adapt and change for the better. Start by thinking about the many positive results you have had… a great performance, a personal best, the feelings that you enjoyed as a result!

Use strong and expressive words and repeat them to yourself as you reflect on the performance. By doing so, you are leaving these thoughts in your sub conscious for the next time you need to draw upon… your next big challenge!  Its 90% attitude and there are ways to train the mind…

Time you started!

Sign up for the Half Marathon or 10K at the Wilmslow Running Festival – 15th March 2020

Wilmslow Running Festival

Nick Bishop is qualified EA Coach,  EA Stadium Announcer & commentator, also delivering workshops on individual & team ‘Peak Performance‘.