From ‘No Way’ to 10K!

Angie Dunn at parkrun
Angie Dunn at Hull parkrun

“…when people say to me that they can’t run I say, yes you can!”

I was 48 when I ran for the first time (and I mean the first time), I’m 51 now. My husband had been doing park run for a couple of years and I had no interest whatsoever.

Then one day I was talking to a friend at work and she said
she was going to do couch to 5k. I had never even heard of it, so I asked her
what it was, and she explained it to me. I wanted to get fitter especially as I
was nearing the big 50 so I said I’d have a go at it. The next day I downloaded it and off I went, I did the first
1-minute run and it nearly finished me off! But I wasn’t going to give up and I
actually enjoyed it. I carried on and managed to keep up with the program
(just) I even started to enjoy running. My husband came along with me and said
how well I was doing.
I had always suffered with my mental health and I noticed it
was really helping my anxiety and depression too. The first time I ran for 7
mins non-stop I can’t tell you how happy I was. I carried on and after 6 weeks
I ran my first 5k! Slow but I did it. I wanted to stop people in the street and
tell them!

The very next Saturday I did my first parkrun and was absolutely hooked. I did it in 33 mins. I looked forward to my Saturday every week and got such a buzz when I got a PB, the people were so encouraging. My PB is now 25:30. I have run a 10k race and regularly run 12k.

Running has absolutely changed my life! I’m the fittest I’ve ever been, I’ve made lots of new friends and my son runs with us too. So, when people say to me that they can’t run I say, yes you can!

– Angie Dunn

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